2024 Ford Edge: A Top Pick by Consumer Reports for Reliability and Efficiency

The new 2024 Ford Edge driving on city streets.

The 2024 Ford Edge continues to dominate the rankings of mid-size crossovers, earning high marks for its reliability and fuel efficiency. Consumer Reports, a leading authority in unbiased product testing, consistently praises the Ford Edge for its superior performance and value. This recognition is especially significant in a market filled with competition. 

Consumer Reports’ Recognition

Year after year, the Ford Edge stands out in Consumer Reports’ evaluations, earning it a spot as one of the best crossovers under $40,000. It’s noted not just for its affordability but also for its reliability, fuel efficiency, and being American made. The Edge has outperformed rivals like the Chevy Blazer in numerous aspects, reinforcing its status as a preferred choice among mid-size SUVs. 

Versatility and Performance

The 2024 Ford Edge is particularly lauded for its versatility. It adeptly serves diverse needs, from ferrying small families and their gear to fulfilling utilitarian purposes or becoming the centerpiece at tailgating events. This crossover doesn’t just promise performance; it delivers it consistently, making it a reliable choice for various buyers. 

Testing and Safety Features

Consumer Reports emphasizes vehicles that not only perform well on the road but also come equipped with comprehensive safety features. The Ford Edge meets this criterion splendidly, scoring impressively in both road tests and safety evaluations. It’s described as a “pleasant, well-rounded SUV” that offers an upscale driving experience, thanks to its excellent driving dynamics and a quiet cabin, adding to its overall appeal. 

A red 2024 Ford Edge in a city setting.

The 2024 Ford Edge remains a top contender in the mid-size crossover segment, thanks to its combination of performance, safety, and value. As Consumer Reports continues to endorse the Edge, it remains a solid choice for anyone in the market for a dependable and efficient SUV. 



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