Experience the Thrill of the Ranger Raptor at the Exclusive Ford Ranger Raptor Assault School

2024 Ranger Raptor in a picturesque desert setting.

If you’re an adventure enthusiast and proud owner of the 2024 Ranger Raptor, the Ranger Raptor Assault School (RangerRaptorAssault.com) is your gateway to mastering off-road driving. This unique program, available exclusively to Ranger Raptor owners, will debut in June at the esteemed Ford Performance Racing School in the stunning Tooele Valley, Utah. 

Unleashing the Beast: What to Expect at the Ranger Raptor Assault School

Upon the purchase of your Ranger Raptor, you gain access to this one-of-a-kind experience designed to unleash the full potential of your vehicle. The school offers a comprehensive one-day course set against Utah’s breathtaking high desert terrain—a perfect backdrop for some rugged action. 

The curriculum is meticulously crafted with input from Ford Performance engineers, ensuring that each participant, whether a novice or an off-road veteran, gains profound insights into the vehicle’s capabilities. The course covers a variety of terrains and maneuvers, such as rock crawling, Baja runs, climbing, side hilling, descending, and braking. Each activity is designed to build knowledge, boost confidence, and refine your off-road driving skills. 

More Than Just Driving

The program isn’t just about pushing the Ranger Raptor to its limits; it’s also about learning to drive responsibly in natural settings. Participants will engage in classroom sessions that emphasize the importance of the Tread Lightly principles, promoting responsible off-road driving that minimizes environmental impact. 

Ford Performance Racing School provides not only the expertise but also the necessary equipment. Ranger Raptor trucks and safety gear are provided by the school. Participants are only responsible for their travel and lodging expenses, while meals throughout the day are taken care of. 

2024 Ford Ranger Raptor in the desert.

Learn from the Best

At the heart of the Ranger Raptor Assault School are the instructors—friendly, knowledgeable, and highly skilled. They are dedicated to enhancing your driving skills and boosting your confidence, ensuring you leave with a true appreciation of what your Ranger Raptor can achieve. 

The Ranger Raptor Assault School is more than just an instructional course—it’s an adventure that tests the limits of both the vehicle and its driver. Whether you’re starting your off-road journey or looking to hone your advanced skills, this school promises an exhilarating and educational experience. 



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